Gravitron Gyroscope
Four-Seat Human Gyroscope

starting at $1450

Play Like an Astronaut

Designed to simulate NASA’s original simulator, the Gravitron Gyroscope will spin your world upside down.

The Gyro rotates and spins so your guests get a unique experience they can’t normally get without going to an amusement park.


  • 4 simultaneous participants.
  • Vehicle Access required.
  • (1) 220V/30A circuit required for operation. Ask about renting a generator!
  • Space Requirements: 20’ x 20’
  • Participants must be at least 42” tall and no more than 250lbs.


New Kid on the Block

The four-person gyroscope is the latest and greatest in extreme mobile rental technology.

If you are looking to bring the cutting edge to your event, this is it. The unique 4 person design opens up this ride to larger events by doubling the throughput of the existing 2 person model.

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