Climbing Wall
Vertical Rock Climbing Tower

starting at $825

Climb On

Great for kids 6 and up. Still challenging for adults. Rock walls make a great addition to any event.

At up to 32’ tall your guests' anticipation will build as they approach. Race a friend or race yourself; you’ll have fun either way.

SafeFall Technology

Our safety technology prevents free fall.

Auto Belay devices in the back use a combination hydraulics and cables to float you to the ground. Three point carabiners and harnesses mean you aren’t going anywhere in a hurry.

We are fully inspected, licensed, and insured.


  • 18’ 2‑Station, 24’ 4‑Station, 24’ 5‑Station, and 32’ 4‑Station walls available.
  • Vehicle access required at most locations. Ask about putting our 18’ wall indoors!
  • No power source required.
  • Space requirement: 12’ x 24’

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Freestanding mobile rock climbing wall for event rental

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